Linville Gorge

Often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” the Linville Gorge is one of the most rugged gorges in the eastern part of the country.

If you're feeling extra ambitious and want to climb in every area Linville has to offer in one day, you should ask about the LINVILLE CRUSHER

female climber climbs table rock at Linville GorgeTable Rock

Probably the most easily accessible area in Linville Gorge, Table Rock offers lots of easy to moderate single and multi-pitch climbs on quartzite stone.

climbers climb amphitheater amidst fall leaves at Linville GorgeThe Amphitheater

While the actual climbing in the amphitheater is relatively easy, the approach makes the day feel very adventurous. If a big adventure or an alpine style day sounds appealing, climbing the Mummy, Daddy, and the Prow would be up your alley.

Anna Marie Alewine climbs hawksbill at Linville GorgeHawksbill Mountain

Known for containing mostly harder climbing, Hawksbill has a variety of multi-pitch trad routes and steep sport climbing.

Climber climbs Shortoff Mountain at Linville GorgeShortoff Mountain

Positioned at the very end of the gorge, Shortoff offers a lot of multi-pitch trad climbing in a variety of styles: Moderate cracks, pumpy overhangs, and steep face climbing.